Shadow of the Pig

The idea was teamwork in Basque language class – we wrote this comic about a cosmic pig that makes the night fall with its shadow. Like you do. I drew it for the University of Warsaw’s Iberian Institute paper ¿? in 2009. (Basque original down below)

girl: “DADDDYYY”
father: “What”
girl: “Why is it dark at night?”
father: “Well…”
father (vioce over): “In space, there’s this big pig.”
the pig: “Oink?”
father (voice over): “Everyday it goes for a walk.”
father (voice over): “When it walks between the earth and the sun, its shadow makes the night!”
girl (voice over): “And what’s the moon?”
father (voice over): “The pig’s eye.”
girl (voice over): “And the stars?”
father (voice over): “The pig eats cookies. Stars are their crumbs!”
girl: “Bad daddy! That’s lies!”
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