I Dream of You Every Night My Boy


My second published comic and my second one on the Warsaw Uprising after A Lullaby for Dziunia. I Dream of You Every Night My Boy was awarded 4th place in the 2009 comics competition organized by the Warsaw Rising Museum, and was later published in the anthology Powstanie 44 (Egmont 2010).

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The dream goes like this:
I’ll take you away. I’ll carry you out. I won’t let them have you. I’ll protect you.
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A closet, a closet, like when we used to play hide-and-seek, they won’t find you in a closet, they won’t look in a closet.
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My boy
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Son do you have any idea how hard your mama cried

“Daddy, I’m not gonna make it…”
“We’re at the top now, son, you’ll have some rest in a while, just a moment…”
“No, no, not again…”

No… I don’t want a saint… I don’t want freedom anymore, either… I want my son back, I just want my son back.
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